Advancing Teaching & Learning Scholars (ATLS)

A new professional development program aimed at helping faculty understand UD, its systems, and key resources in and around the Ryan C. Harris Learning Teaching Center used to drive student success.

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Learning Matters! The Advancing Teaching & Learning Scholars Program (ATLS) is a new professional learning program being launched by the LTC in the fall 2022 semester. The University of Dayton is a Marianist institution founded on a teaching mission. This is a sacred duty for us all, and if done well, our graduates are positioned to become the lifelong learners we want them to be and that society needs.

The ATLS program will begin with eight core sessions designed to expose instructors to pertinent campus resources, pedagogy, and timely teaching topics that will increase teaching & learning effectiveness for instructors and students. These engaging 90-minute in-person sessions will be delivered by top instructors and staff at UD and will be primarily be held in the LTC.

Program Goals

The ATLS program centers around three goals:

  1. Increasing a faculty member’s knowledge of University of Dayton students and their learning needs, campus resources, and teaching strategies
  2. Exposing faculty to services and people within the LTC as a support center for their continuing professional development at UD
  3. Helping faculty meet one another and key colleagues on campus and build communities of practice, while building commitment to the institution.